Artist Biography


Sylvia Witting (1936-2022), was a contemporary artist whose work continues to inspire artists and art lovers alike for its bold and evocative homage to the natural world. Self-described as an organic abstractionist, her work evolved over several decades to incorporate natural materials, found objects, and handmade ceramic. She was influenced by Israeli contemporary mosaic matriarch, Ilana Shafir, and Spanish architectural pioneer, Antoni Gaudi. Sylvia traveled the world for artistic inspiration – from her home in Fairfax, Virginia, to Ashkelon, Israel, and Barcelona, Spain. She collected materials from her journeys and from her own backyard, creating lasting mementos of walks along the beach, picnics in the woods, and the gardens she tended. Due to the deeply personal nature of her art, Sylvia did not sell her work, but preferred her legacy to remain with her family. A teacher and social worker, she mentored many high school art students who apprenticed with her over the years, sharing her generous spirit, creative vision, and technical expertise. She was a member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) and exhibited her work at venues including the Greater Reston Art Center (now Tephra Institute), University of Mary Washington Galleries, and Northern Virginia Community College. Her work was featured in Jeffrey B. Snyder’s Mosaic Art Today (2011), showcasing the artwork of 50 contemporary mosaic artists worldwide.

"An increasing appreciation for the marvelous natural world inspires much of my work. It is my way of connecting with and absorbing the endless variety of forms and colors that become abstract organic designs. These shapes suggest the fantastic life found over the land and sea."

-Sylvia Witting